Going green with the products you use in your home is a great idea for you, your family, and your pets. Something just happened in my life that is a great example of the benefits of using as little chemicals as possible, and I wanted to share it with you.

My sister-in-law Katelyn has this adorable little dog. Fleas are a big problem in their area, so she is diligent in keeping up with his flea medicine. On his last treatment, she went with a different brand because it was on sale, and almost immediately her entire body broke out into these painful, itchy welts. Flea medicine is designed not to be washed off easily and spread throughout the body, so before she knew it, there were traces of it all over the house. Everywhere she sat, even laying in her bed, made her break out more. So she spent the evening at a friend’s house so her mother could try to clean everything, and she realized that even being away, she was still having reactions to things that never used to bother her, such as fabric softener on bedsheets, and bleach that had been used in the bathroom.

In my home, we use a homemade all purpose cleaner with vinegar, water, and peppermint oil (Click Here for a guide to making your own green housecleaning kit.) We even make our own laundry soap, which you can cheaply and easily do by following These Easy Instructions. We have two children, so we like to keep our home free of unnecessary chemicals, especially when what we use is just as/even more effective. And the money we save is a great perk!

We invited Katelyn to stay with us until everything was ok for her to go back home, and during her stay here she has not broken out, and the welts all over her body are quickly subsiding and becoming less irritating. I’m glad we made the choice to stop wasting our money on standard cleaners, and the fact that my home is the only place Katelyn can be without breaking out is a testament to what a better choice it really is.

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