Here at Bit a Bliss, our cleaning professionals use a Sh-Mop as opposed to a conventional mop. It is a greener, cleaner, and much safer alternative. As you can see above, it looks similar to a Swiffer mop, but there is a big difference between the two. The Sh-Mop is used as a wet mop, and comes with removable mop heads that are laundered, so there is less waste since they don’t get thrown away. Every home we go into gets a fresh mop head (and more as needed) so you won’t need to worry about having another home’s dirt brought into yours.

The way we use it, is we take the mop head and get it damp, then spray cleaner directly on it and mop the floor in an inward motion so that any dirt that is left behind can be delegated to a small area to be wiped up. If used correctly and with products that are designed for your floors, it will leave behind no streaks or smudges, and will leave your floors sparkling.

If you have never heard of this handy tool, you can get More Information Here. If you would like, you can purchase it on your own or through us. If you are a client and would like to get one through us, let us know and we can bring it to your home on your next cleaning and simply add the cost to your cleaning! If you are not a client, that is no problem at all, we can have it shipped to you.