A topic I like to bring up more often than most is safety in your home. Two of the most frequently asked questions we get from people when they call is “Are you insured and bonded?” and “Do you run background checks?” You would be surprised to know that although those are our most frequent questions, we don’t get asked that as much as you might think. Bringing someone into your home to clean is a far more intimate service than most. A person comes in and touches almost everything that isn’t hidden in a drawer or cabinet.

So why would you want someone so personal in your life to be untrustworthy? If they break something in your home or use a bad product and damage your surfaces, you need to know that those things are covered so you won’t be left in the dust. And it’s good to know that someone potentially dangerous with a criminal background isn’t coming into your home on a regular basis.

So if you’re already asking these questions when inquiring about a cleaning service, good for you! We make a point to tell each of our prospective clients that we guarantee these things even if they don’t ask, so that even if they don’t go through us, maybe they will know to ask the next person.