Birthday parties are a big part of the fun of being a kid, and as a parent your job is to help make it that way. A common misconception as a parent is that it needs to be a big extravagant blow out, when really your kid just wants to have fun with his/her friends. Great memories aren’t sononymous with a hefty pricetag, and not everything has to be one-time use. So forget deposits, themed-every little detail, and all the excessive waste that goes along with it, and have FUN!!

1. Celebrate At Home

Sure it’s easier to just pay someone to handle things like creating a fun environment and cleaning up after, but it can get very pricey, and often comes with a whole lot of waste. If your home is suitable for a birthday party, take advantage!

2. Keep The Guest List Small

Instead of inviting your child’s entire class, instead just invite their actual friends. They are the ones who will be getting all the attention from the birthday star anyway, and you won’t have to buy an outrageous amount of supplies.

3. Pick A Theme, Then See What You Can Use From Home

Toy Story? Cinderella? Dora? Whatever your child picks, go with it! But instead of buying every little thing that has the theme on it, focus on key items such as a few balloons (with the bulk filled in with plain balloons with coordinating colors,) the cake, centerpieces if you have tables, and party favors. Things like disposable cups, plates, and cutlery can be purchased for cheaper in a solid coordinating color. Things from home can include tablecloths, platters for food, punch bowls, and entertainment! You can get a family member to dress up, or use games you already own!

4. Make Your Own Cake, Or Make It Together!

If you’re the anti-baker, it may be best to leave the cake to someone else. But try finding someone you know that can help before buying one from the store. If you are up for the challenge, go for it! If you kid could have fun, invite them to help! Another great alternative is cupcakes in themed colors. Whatever you decide, if it’s sweet, they will love it! Go Here For A Step-By-Step Guide To Making A Themed Cake Of Your Choice!

5. Set A Recycle Bin Out With The Trash

Instead of just having a trash can out, put a recycle bin next to it. Kids don’t always understand what you can and can’t recycle though, so it might be helpful to put a sign on it with either pictures of what to recycle or a list, depending on the children’s ages. You will be helping to teach them about recycling, and at the same time doing your part to keep recyclable materials out of a landfill!

How do you make an eco-friendlier birthday party?