Your dinner table looks so nice! It would be a shame if...

Your dinner table looks so nice! It would be a shame if…

It would be difficult to find a home without wood furniture or detailing of any kind. It is a staple of our homes, largely in part because of its durability and visual appeal. If taken great care of, it will last a lifetime. It is, however, a stretch to say it will never be damaged superficially in any way. They are prone to scratches and stains, but most can be remedied with the right know-how.

1. Crayon

Try using lemon oil! It sounds a little silly, but it really works, and if used correctly won’t damage the surface. If it’s a small area, work in a couple of drops of oil with your finger, and it should wipe clean. Wipe away with a clean, ever-so-slightly damp cloth, and there you have it! If it’s a larger area, such as a door or wood paneling, you can dilute a few drops in a spray bottle with water, and doing a small area at a time work it through until it’s all gone. Click Here for a little more detail on using lemon oil for wood.

2. Marker

For markers, all you need is a clean cloth and toothpaste. Use plain, white paste, not gel. Apply directly onto the markings, and using gentle, circular motions work it in until the paste becomes close to the color of the marker. Then wipe off, and repeat as needed until gone. Clean off any residual toothpaste with a slightly damp, clean cloth. For a step-by-step with pictures, check out WikiHow’s Tutorial Here.

3. Stickers

The most important thing to remember about removing sticker adhesive from wood, is to NOT try to remove it with your fingernail or a sharp(ish) item, as it will likely scratch the surface. We recommend a small amount of baby oil for a quick fix, or simply a blow dryer on low heat if it is an older/more sensitive piece. For baby oil, dab a small amount directly on the sticker and let sit for about 10-15 mins, and it should peel right off. Clean afterwards with a slightly damp, clean cloth and finish with a bit of wood polish. For a blow dryer, use low heat and loosely direct it to a corner for about 15 seconds, then peel until there is resistance. Repeat the process until the adhesive is all gone and wipe clean with wood polish.

4. Food Stains

Food stains are unsightly, but if taken care of quickly are relatively easy to remove. In a bucket or your sink, make a bubble bath of sorts with hot water and dish soap. With a clean, dry cloth, gather some of those bubbles and gently work into the stain. Wipe clean with a clean, slightly damp cloth and repeat as needed until the stain is gone. Immediately finish with your favorite wood polish.

*Bonus tip: if you find yourself with scratches on your lovely brown wood furniture, gently rub a walnut on it! No, really, it works!