Olive oil is a real treasure. We would write sonnets about it if we were any good at it. There are so many applications you would find useful, but we are going to break it down to the 5 best uses.

1. A Great Addition To Food

First of all, it is recommended that you NOT use extra-virgin olive oil to cook, because the smoke point can be very low, which is dangerous. This Article From Whole Foods goes into greater detail. It is, however, fantastic for adding to food once it has been prepared, such as spraying on vegetables or lean meat. It is low calorie, great for your health, and also makes a fantastic salad dressing!

2. Using It On Your Hair

Olive Oil is incredible for the hair. It is great for every type of hair. We recommend keeping a plastic bottle in the shower, and adding about a dime-sized amount to your conditioner every time you wash your hair. Leave it in for about 5 minutes and rinse clean. A few drops on dry hair will help calm the frizzies, especially on a humid day.

3. Skin Care

as AcneFoundation.org explains, just as it is great for hair, olive oil is just as great for every type of skin. Yes, even oily skin (I promise!) Keep a small bottle with your products and add a few drops to your daily moisturizer (face and body) and apply straight oil onto very dry areas, such as knees and elbows. Once a week, apply straight oil to your fresh, clean skin and leave on for 5 minutes as a mask. It will help unclog your pores and your face will feel just the right amount of soft and supple. It is also a great shaving oil for men and women.

4. Great For Cats

Adding a few drops to your cat’s food daily will help keep their coats soft and shiny, and will also cut down on those pesky hairballs.

5. It Makes A Great Furniture Polish

Forget commercial wood and leather cleaners, simply add a few drops to a soft, clean cloth and wipe your furniture as normal. It will pick up dust, remove fingerprints, help fill in scratches, and add a subtle sheen to your furniture to keep it looking brand new

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