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Cleaning With Food Products

Jennifer found this article the other day and I just loved it!   I had heard of many of these cleaning tips but had never heard of using ketchup and white bread to clean anything. Ten Unexpected Natural Cleaners At Bit a Bliss we are dedicated to providing extraordinary maid service.  Everyone deserves a Bit […]

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Green Cleaning For Your Baby

The second most common cause of poisoning in small children is from chemical cleaning products. While there are plenty of great natural cleaning solutions you can buy, you can get a safe and cost effective result from making a few of your own products from what you probably already have lying around in your house. […]

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What is that Pink stuff in the Shower?

You might hear it called pink mold, but is not a mold at all. Unless you clean your shower and toilets every few days it is likely that you have seen the pink stuff.  It commonly grows in shower tiles and grout, the bottom of shower curtains, inside toilets.    The pink stuff in the shower is an […]

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Environmentally Friendly Air Fresheners

The air fresheners many of us use in our homes are not particularly environmentally friendly.  Several studies including one by the Natural Resources Defense Council have found many air fresheners and candles contain harmful chemicals known as Phthalates .  These air fresheners may make our home smell better for a short time, but they are also […]

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Safe Cleaning Products

The second most common poisoning in children under 5 is from cleaning products, according to the 2008 report from the American Association of Poision Control Centers. You can prevent this in your home by purchasing non-toxic cleaning products.  You can also mix up your own cleaners using vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice

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