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4 Ways To Avoid and Control Pet Obesity

You’ve seen a multitude of information on the dangers of adult and child obesity, but pet obesity is a growing problem as well, featured here on CNN. Owners find that they have less and less time to care for their pets, and their health can decline. Now, I’m not at all saying anybody does it on purpose, or even to a large […]

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Keeping Chemicals Out Of Your Drains

When you flush something down the toilet, pour something down the sink, or take a shower, the waste goes from your home to a water treatment plant. While the plants are very effective at giving us safe drinking water, they may not be able to erradicate all chemicals, potentially making the water hazardous to others […]

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Keeping Your Car Interior Clean

If you’re anything like me, you practically live out of your car. If you’re not careful, there can be a mass pileup of trash and grime all over the place so fast you’ll wonder how it even happened. The obvious answer, of course, is not leaving anything in there at the end of the day, which […]

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Getting A Massage For The Holidays

The holidays are here, with all its magic and beauty, and…mind boggling stress. This year, we wanted to stress to you the importance of taking care of yourself and the people you love. Taking a little time out from your million-mile-an-hour life is crutial to your health and overall well being. Consider getting a massage. […]

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High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Refined Sugar: What’s Really Going On?

Trying to sift through the truth and what we are expected to believe can be really hard, so here at Bit A Bliss we thought it’s time for you to get the rundown on what’s really going on with the big debate on which is better: High Fructose Corn Syrup or Refined Sugar. In reality, […]

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