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The Ultimate How-To Of Kids Messes: Part 3 – Fabric

If you have a roof over your head, there’s plenty of fabric to be found in your residence. From couches to curtains, it’s everywhere. Your dearest youngster is well aware of this, too. In this part of our series, we will go over some helpful suggestions on what to do when your little one gets […]

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DIY French Memo Board

Our office at Bit a Bliss has this one area with no decor. It’s so…boring! So we got the great idea of a memo board! We can use it to post any notes, and have a fun place to feature our employee of the month. They’re so easy to make, and cost a lot less to […]

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DIY Home Decorating Ideas

Home decorating, as much fun as it is, can get very pricey if you buy everything ready-made. Of course, you can’t be expected to make everything on your own, but sometimes creating pieces of your own design and labor can add that personal touch to your home that you can really be proud of. And it can […]

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