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The Amazing Disappearing Chicken Salad Sandwich!

I am way too picky about my chicken salad sandwich. I can name only a handful of places that serve it up in a way that I find satisfying. Call me a simpleton, but I prefer mine without all the bells and whistles, in such a way that my flavor palatte is not overwhelmed by trying […]

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Making a Difference On A Budget

Charity is the foundation of humanity, it brings out our compassion and fulfill’s the need to make a difference. I would like to assume that if we were all millionairs, that we would donate a whole mess of money to causes and foundations. But don’t worry, just because you don’t have a larger than life salary doesn’t […]

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Keeping Chemicals Out Of Your Drains

When you flush something down the toilet, pour something down the sink, or take a shower, the waste goes from your home to a water treatment plant. While the plants are very effective at giving us safe drinking water, they may not be able to erradicate all chemicals, potentially making the water hazardous to others […]

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Best Maid Service in Dallas, Plano and Frisco

Lately I have been getting these wonderful emails from our clients and I just had to share.  The staff at Bit a Bliss really cares about the clients we serve and it shows through their hard work and great relationships with our clients. *Clients names have been removed Hello Scarlette, First, Happy New Year!! We […]

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Mark’s Baked Potato Soup

My chef husband has perfected the baked potato soup. He is the kind of man who will take a common food, and make it better. It is such a gift! This recipe is very easy and will be a great meal for your family or friends. Makes about 6-8 servings (not including seconds!) Ingredients: -5 medium sized baked […]

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