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Safe Cleaning Products

The second most common poisoning in children under 5 is from cleaning products, according to the 2008 report from the American Association of Poision Control Centers. You can prevent this in your home by purchasing non-toxic cleaning products.  You can also mix up your own cleaners using vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice

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Green Guides Changing

Within the next few weeks, the American public might notice a change in how they identify environmentally friendly, or “green,” products. According to an Advertising Age article, the Federal Trade Commissioners is currently reviewing a new set of so-called Green Guides, which are used by the FTC to guide enforcement of existing laws. They are the […]

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Cleaning Stainless Steel

Are you struggling to keep your stainless steel appliances clean and shiny? Quit spending all that money trying different cleaners, for a couple of dollars you can have shiny smooth stainless steel. Baby Oil works magic on stainless steel.  It only takes a drop or two on a microfiber cloth to make your stainless steel […]

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Lawmakers Debate Over Green Cleaning Products

More states are requiring schools and government buildings to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, raising debate about their costs and benefits. After a burst of legislation last year, 10 states including Connecticut, Illinois and New York require or encourage “green” floor waxes, window cleaners and other products in schools, according to Green Seal Inc., a […]

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Clean Green and Save the World?

If someone told you that the simple act of cleaning your house with the right cleaning products could help reduce landfill and toxic chemicals…would you believe them? Believe it or not it is true. By purchasing green cleaning products you not only get the satisfaction of a clean house that was cleaned with safe products, […]

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