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Romantic Valentine’s Day At Home, With Love From Bit a Bliss

Every year, we celebrate our love of one another with gifts, gestures, and…crowds. While it is a nice sentiment to want to take your loved one to a night out, it can be frustrating to deal with the scores of others wanting to do the same. You also may not have the option of going […]

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Our Favorite Snacks In The Bit a Bliss Office

Snacking through the day is just about as important as meals. It keeps your metabolism going at a steady rate, and prevents “crashing.” The choices you make are especially important, as it’s so easy to go for the vending machine or drive through for what you crave. Here are 5 of our favorite healthy snacks […]

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Bit a Bliss Wants You To Donate Your Used Oil and Grease In Dallas To Help The Environment!

We’ve all been guilty of dumping that used cooking¬†grease and oil down the drain, although we know better. It can cause serious damage to pipes, and even affect our drinking water! Even if you don’t toss it down the drain, what do you do with the grease after? Of course, putting it in the trash¬†when […]

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Have A Bit a Bliss Thanksgiving With This Amazing Turkey Recipe!

If you are in charge of making the turkey this year, we can help make it the best one yet! This recipe does not include traditional stuffing, however it will be so delicious that you may find yourself stuck making it every year. You can’t say we didn’t warn you! Before you start, make sure […]

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Bit a Bliss Tips For Getting Ready For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and to make this a memorable and fun time, preparing for everything in advance is going to be very helpful. Whether you’re going out of town or hosting, we will help you get ready to make this the best holiday season yet! Are You Travelling? Travelling during the holiday season […]

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