Simple ways to reduce allergy inducing pathogens in the home for a brighter, more enjoyable spring!

– Keep your house clean, making sure your carpets are vacuumed regularly (and that the vacuum has a hepa filter) and your belongings are dusted often.  Doing just a little bit every day helps maintain a healthy home.

– Do your “spring cleaning,” and get rid of unwanted and unused items in your home that can increase clutter and make maintaining cleanliness difficult.

-Keep your pets well groomed, especially if they love the outdoors. They bring a numerous amount of particulates back in the home.

-Take your shoes off at the door. Just like your pets, you bring in a little piece of the outdoors every time you come back inside. If you have been out all day, change your clothes before you unwind.

-If you need allergy medicine, make sure you have what works best for you. Talk to your doctor about your options, and how severe your discomfort can be.

-When breaking out your spring and summer clothes that have been stored away all winter, run everything through the laundry before putting them where they belong.

-Make sure your air conditioner filters are clean. They should be replaced about every three to six months; same goes for the cigar cabinet humidifier in your house.

-Know your area’s most common allergens. You may be surprised to find out what’s bugging you!

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