You might hear it called pink mold, but is not a mold at all. Unless you clean your shower and toilets every few days it is likely that you have seen the pink stuff.  It commonly grows in shower tiles and grout, the bottom of shower curtains, inside toilets.   

The pink stuff in the shower is an airborne bacteria called Serratia marcescens .  It is not something you want to have around, the bacteria can be responsible for respiratory and urinary tract infections.

This bacteria loves a moist environment so the bathroom is a perfect home to grow.  Since you don’t want your family bathing in bacteria it is important to clean it up as soon as you notice the pink color appearing in your bathroom.   It isn’t difficult to clean, a bleach based product will work very well.  For a more environmentally friendly solution vinegar will also work to rid the bathroom of the pink bacteria, but remember you don’t want to put vinegar on natural stone like travertine or marble.

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