Over %85 of our clients have pets, so I thought this might be a helpful list of “must haves” for keeping up with our best friends messes.

If you have any tips to share please comment!

1. Pet Bath Wipes – I use these for so many things.  They are great after a walk, to clean paws or to clean the pantaloons of a furrier dog…especially if there is an upset stomach involved.

2. Nature’s Miracle –  There are bound to be accidents on the carpet or upholstery.  With Nature’s Miracle you can eliminate the stain and the odor.  They have solutions for dogs, cats and birds.

3.  Scotch Fur Fighters – Use these hair removers for upholstery, car interiors, floors and clothing.  I have found that the Pet Hair Roller is great for removing hair from lampshades and window treatments!

4.  Pet Hammock Seat Cover – If you travel anywhere with your pet, this is a must!  It’s comfortable for them and the pet hair stays contained.

5.  Old Cloth Towels or Paper Towels – I am often drying a wet dog or wet feet and of course there are some things that you just wouldn’t want to put in your washing machine. That is when paper towels are life savers.

6.  Dyson Animal –  This is by far the best vacuum for picking up pet hair off of rugs, carpet and upholstery.  The life-time washable HEPA filter is great because it traps allergens and since you can wash it often you don’t have to worry about your vacuum smelling like your pet.

7. Doggie Zen Den – This particular place is only helpful if you live in Plano, Frisco or the surrounding area, but if you do, then take your pet there for grooming.  I can drop off my two Shelties and in a couple of hours I pick them up and they smell like sugar cookies.  And of course the staff is awesome! If you don’t live in the Plano/Frisco area, find a great groomer, consistent grooming will cut down on the pet odors and hair in your home.

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