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In The Hometown Of Bit a Bliss: Plano Family Invents Bunch O Balloons


In our very own town, a family has created what we think is the coolest invention. Ever. The Malone family in Plano, Texas has created and are testing a device that fills and ties 100 water balloons at a time in just a minute. Water balloons are a whole lot of fun for the entire family, especially during these Texas summers, but filling them one by one is very slow and tedious.

You can find more information on’s Website Here. Would you buy this? I know we would!

Bit a Bliss Guide To Caring For Your Travertine Or Limestone Shower



Travertine and Limestone look incredibly beautiful in showers. They add that extra appeal, and provide a soft accent that makes bathrooms feel more inviting and serene. If well cared for, they will last a lifetime. They do require regular maintenance, depending on how often they are used. I am going to share a few tips for caring for your travertine shower or limestone shower, assuming it is in your master suite and the shower is used daily.

1. Do Not Use Acidic Cleaners

Acidic cleaners, such as vinegar, toilet cleaners, and scrubbing bubbles will etch the surface of your shower, and can be very costly to fix.

2. Avoid Using Bar Soap

Bar soap is a solid soap that liquefies when wet, sure. However, when it is rinsed off the body, residue is left behind that will solidify when moisture evaporates. Over time, it will be nearly impossible to remove.

3. Keep A Squeegee In Your Shower

Use the squeegee after each shower, before you get out. It only takes a minute or two, and will keep heavy buildup of scum and hard water at bay. After you squeegee, use a towel to dry all corners and the floor to prevent mold.

4. Make Sure Your Shower Is Well Ventilated

If your shower is not open at the top, leave the shower door open until it is dry. Lingering water is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, and paves the way for permanent damage.

5. Clean Once A Week

Keep a good, quality cleaner on hand specially formulated for natural stone, and clean your shower weekly.  We also recommend Dawn Dish Soap. That simple, blue formula is gentle enough for your shower, and works wonderfully on removing scum.

6. Keep It Properly Sealed

If you use your travertine shower or limestone shower daily, you will need to reseal it every 6-12 months. If you have a guest shower that rarely gets used, it can usually wait 3-7 years. Talk to a professional installer about having it done, and how you can reseal yourself if you want to save on costs. Be warned, though: resealing it yourself is very time consuming, and if not done completely by the book, can leave an unsightly and/or ineffective finish.

5 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe This Summer


Summer is upon us, and you know what that means. Well, lots of things, but mostly the Texas heat we all know and loathe. However, it’s also a time for vacations, and an overall break from the normal. Your furry friend is a big part of your life, and it is important to take great care of them in this weather, and if they are a part of your activities, to make sure they are kept safe. Here are a few tips from out friends at on making this the best summer ever with the (presumably) harriest member of your family.

1. DO NOT keep them in the car while you run inside.

Everyone has been told this over and over again, but it’s vital to say another time. Even if it’s for just a few minutes, the temperature in your car can reach deadly temperatures almost instantly. Click Here for more information on how quickly it can get hot in your car in the summer and how it affects pets.

2. Keep Their Paws Off The Asphalt

We have all suffered from stepping out onto black asphalt in the summer, and boy do we know it hurts! Your pet’s paws are sensitive, too. They can sustain serious burns in a very short time. When you take them for a walk, try to keep them on the grass as much as possible, instead.

3. Make Sure Outdoor Pets Have A Way To Cool Off

If you have a doggie door installed in your back door, it is much easier to make sure your pets don’t overhead. If you don’t, and say, you have a cat that will not come inside unless you make it, make sure their food and water are changed out regularly throughout the day and put ice in the water bowl. It is also a good idea to invest in some sort of outdoor shelter that doesn’t absorb heat for them to hang out during the day, Such As This One.

4. Keep Them Bathed/Brushed

Can you imagine wearing a thick sweater all summer? No, thank you. Our pets don’t have much of a choice in the matter, but keeping them clean and brushed will help keep them cooled off. They shed excessively in the summer, and if it is not thoroughly removed, there can be buildup that will make them more uncomfortable than necessary.

5. Keep Them Away From That Food At Your Barbeque

While they can eat many things that we do, some of our food is poisonous to pets. Here Is A Slideshow of what you should keep away from your dogs and why they can hurt. It also lists common symptoms, which is very helpful if you think there’s a chance your pet got into some of the food behind your back.


Plano Named One Of Top 10 Cities For Kids


If you live in, or have ever lived in Plano, you know it’s a pretty special place to be. There’s so much to do and see as a family, and the schools have a great reputation. reviewed a wide variety of criteria, and Plano ranked #5 on their final list of the top 10 best cities to live in. It’s wonderful to see that Plano is getting the recognition it deserves!

Check Out’s Article And See For Yourself!