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Our Favorite Snacks In The Bit a Bliss Office

Snacking through the day is just about as important as meals. It keeps your metabolism going at a steady rate, and prevents “crashing.” The choices you make are especially important, as it’s so easy to go for the vending machine or drive through for what you crave. Here are 5 of our favorite healthy snacks that are both tasty and satisfying.

1. Edamame


Edamame is incredibly delicious, whether hot or cold. As a bonus, you can buy them in steamable bags in the frozen section of your grocery store if you’re not up for much prep work. Either steam the bag in the office microwave, or cook them at home and bring to work cold. One serving boasts 8 g. of fiber, 17 g. of protein, and only 189 calories.

2. Almonds


Of course we had to put almonds in here, they’re so delicious! Have them however you prefer, whether raw or roasted, salted or plain. They’re great for your heart and are a great mood booster. 1 cup has a WHOPPING 30 g. of protein, 18 g. of fiber, and 132 calories.

For more nutritional information on almonds, Go Here!

3. Celery and Peanut Butter



Celery consists of 75% water. The energy your body requires to process them actually burns more calories than they have. Peanut Butter lowers your risk of diabetes and heart disease, and is a great energy booster. 1 stalk of celery with 2 tbsp. of peanut butter has 8 g. protein, 3 g. of fiber, and has 195 calories.

4. Fiber One Bars


This is perhaps the easiest one, as it’s pre-made and packaged for you! Any of the flavors are excellent, however our favorite is the Chocolate Caramel and Pretzel bars. They don’t provide enough protein worth mentioning, however they do have 5 g. of fiber and are only 90 calories each.

Check Out Their Website With Complete Nutrition Facts Here!

5. Hummus and Carrots


Do you love hummus like we do? Of course you do! It’s delicious, and a far better alternative to most dip choices (looking at you, ranch!) 1/4 cup of hummus and 4 celery sticks will give you 5 g. of fiber, 4 g. of protein, and is only 100 calories.

Do you have a favorite office snack? Let us know!

Bit a Bliss Wants You To Donate Your Used Oil and Grease In Dallas To Help The Environment!

We’ve all been guilty of dumping that used cooking grease and oil down the drain, although we know better. It can cause serious damage to pipes, and even affect our drinking water! Even if you don’t toss it down the drain, what do you do with the grease after? Of course, putting it in the trash when it’s cooled is a better option, but did you know that you can donate it and help the environment?

We just found out about Cease The Grease, an organization that will take your used grease and put it to good use. They take it to the Southside Water Treatment Plant, where the oil is used to fuel the machines. The website has a donation locator, where all you do is enter your zipcode and it will find the nearest donation center.

Now we know what to do with all that oil we used during the holidays! Again, Check Out The Website For Cease The Grease.

Have A Bit a Bliss Thanksgiving With This Amazing Turkey Recipe!

If you are in charge of making the turkey this year, we can help make it the best one yet! This recipe does not include traditional stuffing, however it will be so delicious that you may find yourself stuck making it every year. You can’t say we didn’t warn you! Before you start, make sure your turkey is fully thawed and the neck and giblets are removed.

First, you will want to brine it. Do NOT brine for more than 12 hours, as it will cause an unsavory change to the texture of the meat.

-1 cup Kosher Salt
-1/2 gallon Apple Cider
-1/2 gallon Vegetable Stock
-1 cup Brown Sugar
-1 tbsp Black Peppercorn
-1 tbsp All Spice Berries

On the stove, heat all ingredients to combine. Let cool COMPLETELY, this is very important. You don’t want your turkey to start cooking too soon! Place your turkey in a cooler, and add the brine. Let sit for 12 hours. Remove from the brine and rinse off.

If you are roasting, these are the ingredients you want to put inside the turkey before placing in the oven:
-1 Apple (cut in half)
-1 Onion (cut in half)
-2 sticks Cinnamon
-A few sprigs of Thyme

Keep in oven for the time needed according to weight. Here’s a handy chart to help!
(Even though it will have some things in it for flavor, this recipe is still considered as an unstuffed turkey)


If you would prefer to fry your turkey this year, please read This Article From The National Turkey Federation for complete instructions and safety tips. Safety is especially important with frying, as there are thousands of preventable fires every year by this.


Bit a Bliss Tips For Getting Ready For The Holiday Season


The holiday season is here, and to make this a memorable and fun time, preparing for everything in advance is going to be very helpful. Whether you’re going out of town or hosting, we will help you get ready to make this the best holiday season yet!

Are You Travelling?

Travelling during the holiday season feels like a headache. So many people travel, and with the weather being unpredictable (depending on where you’re going or coming from) things don’t always work out as planned. Make your arrangements as soon as possible and make a detailed agenda. If you’re flying, arrive at the airport at least 4 hours before your scheduled flight. Airports have plenty of restaurants and other outlets of passing the time, and you will be certain to make it through security with time to spare. If it looks like your flight will be cancelled, make sure you have a plan B, such as a bus or at least something to do while you wait for the next available flight. If it looks like you will have to cancel your plans due to the weather, know what you are going to do in town so that you and your family can still have a great time.

When you are out of town, have an agenda of what you are going to do while you are there. It’s usually a bad idea to expect your host to be responsible for your entertainment the entire time, so plan some things you want to do and arrange for a rental car or some sort of transportation if possible. Of course, also be ready to help your host as needed, especially if there is a large amount of people attending.

Are You Hosting This Year?

Just like with travelling, being prepared in advance will be very helpful. Know what activities you and your group will do together, form your meal plan, and take care of all the shopping in advance. If you can, have your house cleaned by a cleaning service (ahem!) to take some responsibility off your plate. Be ready for last minute cancellations if your guests are snowed in, and don’t hesitate to ask your guests for help here and there as needed so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

It is also important to set boundaries with your guests. If you have a small child, make sure their schedule is kept to. Also, if the family pet is hesitant around new guests, it might be a good idea to set up his own special, comfortable area somewhere away from everyone, and give him time to adjust.

Set Your Budget

If you don’t already have your holiday budget set, this is a good time to get that out of the way. Plan every expense, so that you don’t find yourself short of what you need or in a large amount of debt. The average American spends over $700 on the holidays, so take your time looking for the best deals to try and keep as far below that as possible.

Have Fun!

Remember: planning, planning, planning! Be as prepared as possible, with plan B, C, etc. When you feel ready for anything, you feel less stressed. Enjoy yourself, and appreciate this wonderful time of year. Things will always go wrong here and there, but if you can keep a level head, and keep everything in perspective, you might find you are really having a great time!

What are your favorite tips for a fun and successful holiday season?


The Connection Between Lack of Sleep and a Shrinking Brain

Getting enough sleep is a struggle for most of us.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  However, we may need to be more diligent in getting our beauty rest, a recent study shows that lack of sleep may cause brain shrinkage.

For those of you looking to keep you brain intact, here are some tips from the Mayo Clinic on how to get a better nights sleep.

7 Steps to Better Sleep