Your family is what drives you to do well, it is your motivation to succeed. Whether you are a stay at home parent who runs your home and strives to make things smoother and easier for everyone, or if you are out there working to provide, staying connected is what keeps you and your family happy and healthy.

But with so much to do every day, how do you find the time (and energy) to give your undivided attention daily? There will always be dishes and laundry, and work will always need to be done.

Put Down Your Technology

Unless it is a family activity, such as movie night or a video game you can all play together, put it down for a while. Your phone, tablet, etc. are big distractions from what is right in front of you. Once you put everything away, it won’t be long until your other responsibilities seem less important to the fun you are having!

Set A Time For Chores

Chores around the house are ongoing with no end. The to-do list is always going to be long, but it is important to remind yourself that sometimes it’s ok to wait a little bit. Have some fun, you deserve it!

Eat Dinner Together

As simple as it sounds, it can be very difficult for everyone to gather together for dinner. There are many reasons to eat while you work, but if you can set aside everything for a while to gather for dinner, you may find your home to be a little more peaceful. Studies have shown that gathering for a meal daily improves your children’s self esteem, and helps you stay connected to their lives in a positive way.

Make A Plan-And Stick To It!

Family time doesn’t mean much if nobody can decide on what to do. However you and your family want to decide what to do is completely up to you. Maybe everyone gets a vote? Or you take turns deciding on a plan. Whatever option works best for you, stick with it and there will be less stress in finding something to do.

Above All, ENJOY!

Children grow up so fast, so enjoy yourself! Soak up your time together, and let them surprise you with what they can do and show you about themselves.