Remodeling your bathroom can be a stressful and tedious job, whether you have hired someone to do it or you are going at it alone. But through that effort, you find yourself with a bathroom that you can be proud of. One common issue post-remodel is paint splatters on the mirror. Regardless of whether or not you have it covered, unless the mirror is taken out of the room altogether, there will likely be spots. Sometimes it is just a few, and sometimes it looks like someone filled a spray bottle with paint and went at the sides of your mirror. But there are some easy fixes to get your mirror back to its pristine appearance in no time.

There are three approaches to this, and it all depends on how long the paint has had to set. You always want to start with the most simple approach, and if that doesn’t work move on to the next method. One thing is for sure though: do not try to remove the splatters with your fingernail or any tools, you are more likely to scratch the mirror.

Approach #1: Clean It Off!

If the paint on your walls is freshly dried, often you can remove the splotches with the glass cleaner of your choice and a soft cloth (NOTE: Do not ever use an abrasive cloth or sponge to clean your mirror, it will etch it)

Approach #2: Nail Polish Remover

Make sure the area is well ventilated. Apply a generous amount of nail polish remover (acetone is preferred, but not necessary) to a soft cloth and gently work it into the spots in a circular motion. Once all the paint is removed, Use a new cloth with water to remove the polish remover, then use the glass cleaner of your choice to finish the job.

Approach #3: When All Else Fails

If you still can’t get the paint off, for instance you just moved into a house and it has likely been there for years, you will need paint stripper from your local hardware store. Make sure the area is well ventilated, and do a spot test in a small corner first to be sure it won’t damage the mirror in any way. If you are good to go, use a little at a time with a soft cloth (don’t forget to wear gloves!) and go¬†in small, circular¬† motions. Once all the paint is removed, use a clean cloth with water to remove the paint stripper, then clean with your glass cleaner to finish.