Even if you are not allergic to pets, they can still cause problems, especially in the springtime when every other allergy culprit is making it’s way to you. These issues are caused by dander, the loose, flaky skin that animals shed. But your furry friend still needs loads of love, so here are some ways to reduce the pet¬†allergens in your home to keep everyone happy and as sneeze-free this spring as possible!

1. Keep Them Out Of Bedrooms

As sweet as it is to snuggle with your pet, the dander can settle into your bedsheets and clothes, making it impossible to avoid any reactions. Give them their own bed in another room of the house.

2. Let Them Play Outside Often

Most pets don’t want to be couped up in the house all day and night, and who could blame them, you wouldn’t want to be confined either! So let them outside frequently when the weather permits, so they shed some of that dander outdoors.

3. Don’t let them crawl all over the furniture.

Upholstry is a magnet for dander and hair, so unless you are ok with vacuuming your furniture every day, it is usually best to not let them on the couch.

4. Keep Them Cleaned And Groomed

If you can afford it, get your pet professionally groomed every week or two. If you have time, do it on your own. If you have a cat that will not let you put him in water, there are powdered shampoos you can try. And having good tools really helps, such as a brush with wire bristles that will lift the dander, and one with regular bristles to grab everything and smooth the fur.

5. Vacuum and Dust Often

With a pet in the home, the floors and upholstry should be cleaned at least 2 times a week or more, depending on how many animals and people reside there. Maintaining your home will keep the allergens to a minimum.