Hot Cereal makes a wonderfully nutritious breakfast. It has many different grains, and the variety of flavors is seemingly endless. It is a great and healthy way to start the day! Buying it prepackaged at the store can be very costly, and you are limited to the flavors they have available. Making your own takes very little time, is far more customizable, and is a really great way to save money. A 5 day supply from the store will cost anywhere between $8-$10 depending on the brand, whereas making your own will run you around $2-$4 depending on your flavor choices. If you have a Sprouts in your area, I highly recommend going there for everything you need. The following recipe will make you approximately 18 servings, and when I did it, my final price for all of it was around $11. Use 2 cup sized tupperware containers for portability if needed, filled with 1/3 cup of cereal with toppings added on. Pour in 1 cup of very hot water. You can adjust the water to taste, depending on how thick/thin you want it.

-2 cups of 6-grain blend (red wheat, white weat, barley, rye, oats, triticale)
-1 cup of oats
-1/2 cup of golden flaxseed
-1/2 cup of quinoa
-1/2 cup of raw sugar
-1 tsp. salt

In 1 cup batches, blend on low speed until everything is a fine, even texture. For every 1 cup you blend, add one cup of non blended grains.

topping measurements (any combination you want:)
-2 tbsp. per serving nut of your choice
-2 tbsp. fruit per serving of your choice
-1 tsp. powdered milk per serving (if you want a creamy texture)
-1 tbsp. cinnamon per serving