At Bit a Bliss, giving back to our community is very important to us.  We participate with Cleaning For A Reason  to provide free house cleaning for women undergoing cancer treatments.  Each woman that is assigned to our company through Cleaning for a Reason receives one free cleaning  a month for four months.  However,  we have seen that these women often still need help after the four months are up.  

As a company that truly cares, we would  like to do everything we can to stay with those that still need help after the four cleanings are complete.  We currently have clients that we are continuing to clean for until they are well.

Bit a Bliss would like to give you a chance to participate in helping us make life easier for these women that are fighting for their lives.  If you would like to donate your cleaning to one of these brave women, just give us a call. You pay like you normally would, but instead of coming to your house, we go to the house you donated to.  Or if you prefer you can make a monetary donation to cover their cleaning.  Go to or call 214-390-3907