Home decorating, as much fun as it is, can get very pricey if you buy everything ready-made. Of course, you can’t be expected to make everything on your own, but sometimes creating pieces of your own design and labor can add that personal touch to your home that you can really be proud of. And it can be a great hobby for yourself or your family.

Whenever I see something that I like, my first thought is, “can I make that?” and the answer is often yes. Here is a couple of pieces that I am particularly proud of, and were really easy to make.

Fall Centerpiece

A Spicy Fall Centerpiece

Fall is my favorite time of year, and part of that is making my home feel as cozy as can be. In this centerpiece, all I used was what I already had lying around the house: A vase, synthetic foliage (but you can use the real thing if you’re up for it,) 3 candle holders, 7 tea lights, and some fall-themed ribbon. I set it all on the table as I wanted, cut 2 generously sized lengths of ribbon (at least 2 1/2 ft. each depending on how large you want, you can trim off any leftovers,) then I took one ribbon and wrapped the middle around the vase as shown, used some double sided tape to hold it in place, and simply kept the natural curve of the ribbon on either side and placed candles between loops to keep them grounded. With the other ribbon, I simply kept with the natural curve, and worked the candle holders in them. Voila! Takes about 10 minutes to put together, and there are an infinite number of variations you can do with this idea.

3-D Picture

3-D Picture

I created this gem for my daughter’s room to make it a little more personal. All it takes is a picture frame with removed backing and glass, ceramic or painted wood letters, hemp cord (but you can use anything you want depending on the colors you choose,) synthetic flowers I got from a craft store, and some cardboard. I laid out the letters on the frame where I wanted them to go, and measured out the cord, and placed the nails on the inside of the frame where the cord would go. Then I tied the cord to the letters, added a little decor, then wrapped and tied the cord around the nails, and secured with hot glue. Once the letters were in place, I cut cardboard into corners to fit on the frame, and glued them in. Then I glued the flowers to the cardboard. Depending on the type of frame you use, you may not need to use the cardboard, I just did it here to avoid smushing the flowers in the corners.

My next project is turning Pizza Boxes Into Wall Art, Shown Here!

Do you have any amazing DIY tips to share? We’d love to see it!