Our office at Bit a Bliss has this one area with no decor. It’s so…boring! So we got the great idea of a memo board! We can use it to post any notes, and have a fun place to feature our employee of the month.¬†They’re so easy to make, and cost a lot less to do yourself. So I took on the challenge, and this is what happened!

You will need:
-A canvas in the size you want the memo board to be
-Fabric in a print of your choice
-Quilting padding
-Some sort of embellishment, I used rhinestone brads so I wouldn’t have to staple the ribbon down to give it that quilted look, but you can use whatever you think looks good
-Any clear glue (for reinforcement)
-A staple gun with staples

On a flat surface, lay down the quilting padding to your desired thickness and put the canvas on top of it. Pull on the padding a little bit to make sure there are no big seams and staple it to the frame. And then add the fabric, making sure there are no seams (sometimes it helps to iron it first) and staple that as well.

Then I cut the ribbon to the length I needed, making sure they were long enough to be stapled onto the frame. I put them on one by one, checking myself in-between to make sure everything was even and where I wanted it to be.

Once all the ribbons were in place, I poked small holes in the canvas and through the padding and fabric where each ribbon intersected and put the rhinestone brads through.

Once everything was in place, I reinforced the brads and the ribbon on the back with a little bit of glue. Then all you need to do is attach a wire or string to hang it up with, and you’re done! Now you just need to let the glue dry, and your memo board is ready to go!