Cleaning and maintaining your bathroom is not as hard as you might think. When you think of doing it, do hours of sweaty and nasty hard labor pop into your head? Well, the good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow these steps in this order (to keep things sanitary and easy) and you will find that it’s really a piece of cake! All you need is a few clean rags, microfiber cloths (to help with lint and streaks,) a broom, mop, magic erasers, and cleaner. And don’t forget to go green! If you need help deciding what products to use, check out Our Blog On Creating Your Own House Cleaning Kit!

1. Mirrors

You always want to start with the mirrors with a fresh, clean rag for the best result, and spray the product directly on the mirror, followed by a dry microfiber cloth to ensure a clean finish. If you use a rag that has already been used elsewhere, you will likely have problems with streaking and smudging.

2. Counters

Using a fresh rag with the cleaning product of your choice, clean your countertops and sinks. Make sure you get underneath all items on the counters, as well as wiping off the items. Also, spot check the cabinets and clean as needed.

3. Tub and or Shower

Whether it’s a standing shower or combination tub/shower, you want to begin with the walls and work your way down. Spray down the walls and use a magic eraser if necessary to remove any soap scum, then wipe down again with a rag to smooth out. Then clean out the tub with the eraser and rags, and making sure the fixtures are clean as well.

4. Toilet

Make sure to look for the Best toilet in 2019 and replace the one you have as they took could over time begin to leak. If you are using a homemade vinegar solution, you can pour or spray some in the bowl first and let sit to disinfect. Start with the tank, the sides, outside of the bowl, and the area between the tank and toilet seat. Then lift the lid and clean the seat and rim. Finish by scrubbing the toilet bowl with a brush and flush.

5. Clean The Floor

If you have carpet, simply vacuum, and use the hose attachment to go around the areas the vacuum can’t reach and over the baseboards. If you need to sweep and mop, sweep first, going over the baseboards as well. If your mop does not reach behind the toilet, use a rag to clean that area, then mop the rest of the floor. Let dry for 10 minutes and voila! Your bathroom is clean and sparkling!