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Category Archives: In the News

Myth Busting Cleaning Remedies!

It’s time to trash some housecleaning remedies that have been passed down for generations yet produce iffy results or, worse, create more work. Consumer Reports asked some cleaning-industry experts about the effectiveness of 10 timeworn tips and here’s what they said. Myth: Newspaper does windows well Fact: Wet newspaper tears easily and the ink can […]

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The Connection Between Lack of Sleep and a Shrinking Brain

Getting enough sleep is a struggle for most of us.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  However, we may need to be more diligent in getting our beauty rest, a recent study shows that lack of sleep may cause brain shrinkage. For those of you looking to keep you brain intact, […]

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What Could You Accomplish in the Time You Spend Cleaning

Do you ever feel like your wasting valuable time cleaning and doing household chores?  It’s because you are! This cool infographic shows,  about 67,680 hours of our lives are spent on chores like cleaning, laundry and home maintenance. That’s 347 days — almost a full year of housework. In that amount of time, you could sail […]

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Caffeine Overdose?

I am a coffee lover.  I love the smell, the taste and that jolt of energy that I know I get, but hardly notice anymore unless I DON”T get my coffee. I got to thinking about my coffee consumption after reading this article today You can overdose on Caffeine! A few years ago my daily […]

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Could Robots Really Be The Future Of House Cleaning?

Do you remember those cartoons in the 90’s that were about the future, where everything is automated and oh-so-stylish? What do you envision the future of house cleaning to be? Well, it may involve fully automated robots! At this year’s Electrolux Design Lab Competition, the winner was Adrian Perez Zapata, who has an interesting vision on the future of […]

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