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Category Archives: Home and Health Tips

Choosing The Right All-Purpose Cleaner For Your Home

Every home needs a good all-purpose cleaner. It will keep you from having too many products, since it can clean¬†multiple surfaces. But with so many out there, how do you choose which one is right for you? Whether you are looking to change the one you have, or are just completely lost on the idea […]

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DIY French Memo Board

Our office at Bit a Bliss has this one area with no decor. It’s so…boring! So we got the great idea of a memo board! We can use it to post any notes, and have a fun place to feature our employee of the month.¬†They’re so easy to make, and cost a lot less to […]

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How To Preserve Herbs From Your Garden

Having your own herb garden at home is a great way to have fresh flavorings for your meals that will cost less, and are amazingly easy to take care of. Most herbs just need sunlight and a little water every day, and a little trimming here and there. It is also a great learning experience […]

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Why I’m Glad I Went Green With My Home Cleaning

Going green with the products you use in your home is a great idea for you, your family, and your pets. Something just happened in my life that is a great example of the benefits of using as little chemicals as possible, and I wanted to share it with you. My sister-in-law Katelyn has this […]

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How To Care For Hardwood Floors

Having hardwood flooring in your home is a great thing, it adds a certain character to your home, and almost any kind of hardwood greatly improves the overall look. The only problem is, how do you really know how to care for them? If you had them installed, you probably were instructed in the matter, […]

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