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Category Archives: Home and Health Tips

Myth Busting Cleaning Remedies!

It’s time to trash some housecleaning remedies that have been passed down for generations yet produce iffy results or, worse, create more work. Consumer Reports asked some cleaning-industry experts about the effectiveness of 10 timeworn tips and here’s what they said. Myth: Newspaper does windows well Fact: Wet newspaper tears easily and the ink can […]

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Our Favorite Snacks In The Bit a Bliss Office

Snacking through the day is just about as important as meals. It keeps your metabolism going at a steady rate, and prevents “crashing.” The choices you make are especially important, as it’s so easy to go for the vending machine or drive through for what you crave. Here are 5 of our favorite healthy snacks […]

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The Connection Between Lack of Sleep and a Shrinking Brain

Getting enough sleep is a struggle for most of us.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  However, we may need to be more diligent in getting our beauty rest, a recent study shows that lack of sleep may cause brain shrinkage. For those of you looking to keep you brain intact, […]

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How Much Can You Save In One Year By Going Green?

We’ve all heard that going green is best for the environment, and that putting in the time and is a great way to save money. How much exactly, though? This great infographic from illustrates exactly what you will save when you make minor changes to your life.

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Keep Your Faucets Looking Shiny For Longer

Sink faucets are one of the most frustrating areas to keep clean. You can meticulously detail them, and after one less-careful use they look just the same. I came across this great how-to on keeping them shiny for longer using wax paper. Yep, the same wax paper in your kitchen. They say that it is textured […]

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