Granite countertops are a beautiful addition to any home. If cared for properly, they will last a lifetime, which makes the hefty pricetag completely worth it if you can do it.

-Keep Your Countertops Sealed

Have you ever noticed that not long after cleaning the counters again, they feel a little grimy again? That is due to the sealant wearing down. Making sure your counters are properly sealed will keep that to a minimum. Check with your manufacturer, but most granite needs to be resealed at least every 6 months to a year. In most cases, if it’s just routine maintenance, you can buy products from your local home improvement store to keep it in good condition. If your counters are in bad shape, consult a professional and look into getting them buffed and resealed.

-Use Only pH Neutral Products

pH neutral products are very close to water in composition. If you can, always try to use something specifically made for it, such as Method Granite Cleaner, or you could use a little bit of mild dish detergent with plenty of water (just be sure and get all the soap off, or it will be left streaky!)

-DO NOT Use Acidic Or Otherwise “Heavy Duty” Products To Clean It.

Vinegar and lemmon juice are fantastic cleaners. However, granite, marble, and other natural stone surfaces cannot tolerate them and should never be used to clean them. It will eat away at the sealant and do a great deal of damage. Do not use anything formulated for soap scum, heavy disinfectants, undiluted ammonia, etc.

-Wipe Up Spills Immediately

It is always important to wipe up any spills immediately. Anything that’s not water can damage the surface. And even if it is water, if there are any cracks on your counters it can seep into those. Staining is also an issue, as they are not easily removed. The sooner you clean up the spill, the less of a chance of any damage being done.