We’ve all been guilty of dumping that used cooking grease and oil down the drain, although we know better. It can cause serious damage to pipes, and even affect our drinking water! Even if you don’t toss it down the drain, what do you do with the grease after? Of course, putting it in the trash when it’s cooled is a better option, but did you know that you can donate it and help the environment?

We just found out about Cease The Grease, an organization that will take your used grease and put it to good use. They take it to the Southside Water Treatment Plant, where the oil is used to fuel the machines. The website has a donation locator, where all you do is enter your zipcode and it will find the nearest donation center.

Now we know what to do with all that oil we used during the holidays! Again, Check Out The Website For Cease The Grease.