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Caffeine Overdose?

I am a coffee lover.  I love the smell, the taste and that jolt of energy that I know I get, but hardly notice anymore unless I DON”T get my coffee. I got to thinking about my coffee consumption after reading this article today You can overdose on Caffeine! A few years ago my daily […]

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Donate Your House Cleaning To Someone Battling Cancer

At Bit a Bliss, giving back to our community is very important to us.  We participate with Cleaning For A Reason  to provide free house cleaning for women undergoing cancer treatments.  Each woman that is assigned to our company through Cleaning for a Reason receives one free cleaning  a month for four months.  However,  we have […]

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Thankful for a Clean Oven

It’s the time of year when everyone seems to see the inside of your oven.  It’s Thanksgiving and everyone wants to check the turkey and your guests have brought delicious sides that need warmed up. This when having a clean oven pays off.  You won’t have to worry about your Mother pulling you aside and […]

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Homes Getting Bigger, Cleaning Getting Harder -Plano-Frisco-Dallas

According to NPR Houses are getting bigger and we know the cleaning is getting harder, even for the super moms of today.  Call Bit a Bliss, set up a house cleaning and feel the weight lift off your shoulders.  We offer maid service to Dallas, Plano, Frisco and surrounding areas.  214-390-3907

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