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It’s Time For The State Fair Of Texas!

It’s that time of year again! If you live around Dallas, or have ever made your way here to visit, you know that we don’t take fun at the fair lightly. Every year, they offer fresh, new activities, as well as sticking to what we all know works best. Long story short: deep fried everything, […]

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Why You Don’t Need Your Home To “Smell Clean”

If you grew up before “green cleaning” became really mainstream, you know that smell. That fresh, pine or bleach smell that you walked into and was so comforting. It really just felt clean, didn’t it? Now that the focus on home cleaning has shifted, we are coming to realize that those smells are really not […]

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The Ultimate How-To Of Kids Messes: Part 5 – Carpet

Many houses these days have hardwood, tile, etc. But many of us have carpet. It is generally easy to take care of, and doesn’t show dirt as quickly as hard floors. But with kids around, it’s not so much a matter of IF they will leave a stain, but rather when and how bad. Thankfully, […]

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The Ultimate How-To Of Kids Messes: Part 4 – Wood

It would be difficult to find a home without wood furniture or detailing of any kind. It is a staple of our homes, largely in part because of its durability and visual appeal. If taken great care of, it will last a lifetime. It is, however, a stretch to say it will never be damaged […]

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