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Keeping The Dust In Your Home Under Control

Minimizing dust in your home is a major factor in your overall health and well-being. Of course, there’s no way to completely eradicate all of it, especially because dust is constantly being formed from shedding skin, material fibers, pet hair, and other particulates. But keeping it from getting out of control is important because dust […]

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High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Refined Sugar: What’s Really Going On?

Trying to sift through the truth and what we are expected to believe can be really hard, so here at Bit A Bliss we thought it’s time for you to get the rundown on what’s really going on with the big debate on which is better: High Fructose Corn Syrup or Refined Sugar. In reality, […]

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Preventing and Reducing Spring Allergies

Simple ways to reduce allergy inducing pathogens in the home for a brighter, more enjoyable spring! – Keep your house clean, making sure your carpets are vacuumed regularly (and that the vacuum has a hepa filter) and your belongings are dusted often. ┬áDoing just a little bit every day helps maintain a healthy home. – […]

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