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Opportunity Cost

Opportunity cost is the value of the next-best choice available.  Opportunity costs are not restricted to monetary or financial costs: the real cost of output forgone, lost time, swag, pleasure or any other benefit that provides utility should also be considered. While opportunity cost is a term used in economics, it is also something I apply to my […]

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The Power of Vinegar

White distilled vinegar is effective for killing most mold, bacteria, and germs, due to its level of acidity. Cleaning with white distilled vinegar is a smart way to avoid using harsh chemicals. You’ll also be glad to know that it is environmentally friendly and very economical. Here are some of my favorite tips on using […]

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Pet Friendly Maids

Your pets are in good hands with our maids.  In order to work for Bit a Bliss, a person must love pets!  Most of the homes we clean have pets whether it’s dogs, cats, birds or even reptiles we love them all.  You don’t have to put your pets up on cleaning day, but we do ask […]

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Be Careful When Choosing a Maid Service!

A cleaning company in Georgia, hired an employee without doing a background check, and that employee happened to be a 6 time convicted felon, who committed another crime while employed by the cleaning company.  It’s too horrible for me to repeat on this blog.  But I am posting it to stress the necessity of […]

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