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Green Guides Changing

Within the next few weeks, the American public might notice a change in how they identify environmentally friendly, or “green,” products. According to an Advertising Age article, the Federal Trade Commissioners is currently reviewing a new set of so-called Green Guides, which are used by the FTC to guide enforcement of existing laws. They are the […]

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Chocolate Conference

You are sure to find a Bit a Bliss here!  presents a chocolate conference on August 14th at the Addison Conference Centre. This organizations mission is to educate Dallas about chocolate, one bar at a time.   What a great mission.

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Wedding Ring Bliss

Our ladies had the pleasure of finding one of our clients long lost wedding rings during a cleaning this week.   So great to have made someones day a little bit brighter!

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The Bacteria in Your Kitchen Sponge

The sponge in your kitchen is so versatile, you can wash dishes, scrub pans and wipe of counter tops or the occasional small spill on the floor.   The best part about a sponge is that it is reusable but that means it sits in the kitchen for weeks and often stays wet for a very […]

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