If you haven’t tried Lucky Layla dairy products you should!  These products are produced locally at the Lucky Layla farm in Plano, and they are delicious. 


My personal favorite is the drinkable yogurt.  I am not generally a fan of yogurt, but this yogurt is different, it’s like drinking a shake.  Lucky Layla says it is ” all-natural, we use real fruit pulp, no additives, no preservatives, active probiotic cultures LD. Bulgaricus and S.S. Thermophilus. Lucky Layla Farms drinkable yogurt is low in sugar, sodium and cholesterol.”  The flavors are delicious, my favorites are banana, strawberry and apple custard.  They are also so convenient since they are drinkable you can grab one and go.

I purchase them at Central Market, but if you check their website you can find other buying options.