Life can be so hectic and crazy, it can be easy to forget the importance of taking time away from the normal and doing things just for you. If you ignore what makes you happy, you will get burned out and lose sight of how great life can be, which will just lead to a variety of preventable health problems. You only get to live once, so why not take some time just for you once in a while?

1. Get Some Sort Of Spa Treatment

Whether it’s a massage, pedicure, or as simple as a makeup application, receiving a spa service is a great feeling that nobody should overlook. That special feeling you get during your service can do wonders on your mental health, not to mention whatever physical benefits you receive at the time.

2. Take A Vacation!

Too many people skip their paid vacations, and that can be so bad for you in the long run. No matter how much you enjoy your job or think things will fall apart while you’re gone, you need to take a break! Even if you can’t go out of town, taking time off is still essential to your overall well-being. If you don’t have paid vacation available to you, take off an extra day or two on top of your weekend.

3. Buy Something You Want, But Don’t Need.

If you refuse to buy anything name brand that you don’t need to, save up a little and get that accessory or gadget that you know you could live without, but don’t really want to! Having something nice doesn’t make you spoiled, and can be really fun to tote around.

4. Spend A Day In Bed

Some people can’t do this, they get antsy and want to get up and do things, and that’s ok. But if you know you would just love to do it, go for it! It’s not a waste of time if you are enjoying yourself! Get yourself prepared with snacks, some good movies to watch, and just lounge as long as you can.

5. Insert Your Personal Indulgence Here

Everyone has that thing that makes them really happy, whether it be crafting something, hiking, or even renting a high-end car for a day! Whatever it is that gets you really excited, do it! You will always be glad you did!