Imagine that the phone rings, and it’s your mother-in-law/aunt you rarely see/old friend from high school. She is in your part of town today and will be over in about an hour for a visit. You hang up, ask yourself why you answered in the first place, and then take a look around and realize the place is a complete disaster! It’s been a busy week for sure, and you have understandably let some things go. We all go through this. But before you panic, there is a way to get it all done (or at least done enough to make it look great!) And don’t forget to allow some time at the end to get yourself ready!

1. Close Off Rooms That Are Dirty.

You don’t have time to clean the whole house, so close the doors to rooms that you are sure you won’t get to, such as your children’s rooms, your room, etc. If your guest can’t see in there, they won’t know it’s messy!

2. Pick Up And Dust The Main Areas

The areas that you know will be seen, such as the living room, kitchen, family room, etc. just need a quick organizing (or just throw the excess in one of the closed off rooms, who will know, right?) Dust the areas that are the most obvious. Most people aren’t going to inspect every surface of your home, so focus more on the main parts of the rooms, such as the counters, tables, and shelves that are eye-level. Also, keep the lights just a little lower if possible.

3. Vacuum/Dry Mop Floors

Unless you have managed to spill everything and anything all over the floors, you don’t need to do a full cleaning. If you have carpet, vacuum the high-traffic areas, and if you have hard floors, go over them with a dry mop, such as a swiffer or microfiber to remove any noticeable dust or dirt.

4. Touch Up The Guest Bathroom

Close the shower curtain, clean the toilet, and wipe off the countertop and mirror. Then sweep and/or dry mop the floors. Voila! If you’re in enough of a hurry, this could take you 10 minutes total.

5. Clean Off Your Patio

You spend most of your time inside your home, so it can be easy to overlook the patio. But remember, this is the first thing your guest will see. Sweep it off and remove any unnecessary clutter. Make sure your porch light works, and turn it on, even if it is still daytime.

Now all you have to do is get yourself ready (hopefully that won’t be so challenging,) light a few candles to make your home smell nice, and voila! You are ready to go!