You’ve seen a multitude of information on the dangers of adult and child obesity, but pet obesity is a growing problem as well, featured here on CNN. Owners find that they have less and less time to care for their pets, and their health can decline. Now, I’m not at all saying anybody does it on purpose, or even to a large extent, but even the smallest changes can take a toll as life gets more and more hectic and demanding. Whether you have a cat, dog, or something more unique, the more time and effort you can give your furry (or not!) friend, the better for everyone. After all, they are a part of your already loving family!


Commit a certain amount of time every day to playing with your pet. They need to stay active just as much as you do, and especially if they are alone most of the day can become lazy and lethargic. Some things to try are laser pointers, toys, (although, we all know some animals will always go for the rolled up ball of foil first!) or taking a walk if they can be leashed. For more information on playing with your pet, Check Out This Site From

2) Attention

If a pet feels neglected by you, it will be unhappy and its health will quickly follow suit, just like it would with humans. Spend as much time with your pet as possible, to show them they are loved and wanted.

3) Balanced Nutrition

Of course you want the best for your pet, but it can be hard to afford the absolute best. Consult your veterinarian to discuss the best diet for your budget, they can often point you in the right direction and tell you what you need to look for, as well as how much they should be eating and how often.

4) Regular Checkups

You should be taking your pet for a wellness checkup once a year, and immediately if there are any odd symptoms or behavior. If your pet is gaining weight and you honestly cannot figure out why, there could be a thyroid problem, or a number of other issues your vet can check for and help find a solution so that your pet can be in the best possible shape. And don’t be afraid to call with any questions, they are here to help! Need a veterinarian? This Database Will Help You Find One Close To You!