If you’ve ever had to sit there and decipher through a baby registry before, you know it can be confusing and overwhelming. Any expecting parents requests will have a multitude of things on it, but you’re really more interested in getting them something they will love and USE regularly. If you have children, this is almost a no-brainer. But if you don’t, you’ve probably never heard of some of this stuff. So here are some of our favorite essentials that we have come up with from both giving and receiving.

1. Diapers and Wipes

Don’t think for a second that this is a thoughtless gift. If the parents are using disposable diapers they will go through probably about 10-15 a day, and they will need as many as they can get their hands on. And the more wipes, the better. Each one will get used. If the parents are using cloth diapers, they will need plenty of them so they are not constantly doing laundry.

2. A Boppy Pillow

A Boppy is definitely one of the most useful tools for parents. Holding and feeding a baby is a special time for mom and dad, but without proper support the arms will get tired. Parents who have had a boppy know that it will always stay within arms’ reach. And as a bonus, as the baby grows, the pillow can be used as a support for helping them sit up. This is a gift that they will use for a long time.

3. House Cleaning

While most mothers get the “nesting” urge before the baby comes, and scrub every nook and cranny of their home before the baby comes, after is a completely different story. A newborn baby requires full attention, and when it is asleep, the parents usually are as well. And if this isn’t their first child, they will definitely need all the help with cleaning they can get. House cleaning is a chore that is often put on the back burner, and it would be very useful to them if they had some help. Of course, no parent wants a dirty home, but with all the responsibility of a newborn, it is unreasonable to expect them to stay on top of it. Go Here For A Free Estimate For Bit A Bliss Cleaning!

4. Pre-made Meals

Just like parents of a newborn need help keeping the house clean, they will need help with meals. Preparing them some pre-made meals that they can keep in the freezer until they are ready to use will put you on their top list of all-time favorite people.

5. Crib Sheets

When it comes to crib sheets, the more the merrier. No matter what brand or type of diapers you use, there will be a whole lot of messes, also known as “blow outs.”

6. Onesies

If they think they have too many onesies, it probably isn’t enough. Those cute outfits they have are great, but when they are at home with the baby, it will likely be wearing a onesie because it is a more practical and comfortable option for diaper changing. And just like crib sheets, accidents will happen and the baby’s clothes will be changed multiple times a day.

7. Diaper Rash Cream

Even the parent with the most gentle and thoughtful approach to diaper changing will have to deal with rashes, so a good diaper cream is a must. We recommend Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. It is as effective as the name is silly, and no baby will have an adverse reaction to it like some do with the higher end products. It can be found at most grocery and baby supply stores.

8. Humidifier

You know how uncomfortable you get when the air is really dry inside and you feel like your nose is on fire? The feeling is more intense for newborns and infants. A humidifier will keep those tiny noses and throats comfortable when they need it year round.

10. A Baby Monitor

If you’ve ever had children, you know that leaving them alone when they are asleep can be a very nerve-wracking experience. Even if it’s just to grab something to eat, take a shower, or just take a little time out and watch some tv, it’s good to have a monitor. That way, parents can go about their day while the baby is napping and worry less about not being there if needed. If you can afford it, get them a monitor with a screen, so they can see the baby as well as hear it.